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eco friendly printers - Clifford Press, lead the way in reducing our carbon footprint

At Clifford Press we care passionately about the environment, we are always proactively striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

It's our policy to conduct our business at all times with due regard for the environment and for the safety of employees, customers and the public.


We are careful to ensure that:


Our manufacturing processes are carried out in a way that minimises their impact on the environment and safeguards the health of employees.


All waste materials are disposed of safely and at a minimum risk to the environment. every practical effort is made to ensure that waste materials are recycled.


All relevant environmental safety laws and regulations are complied with at all times.


Employees at all levels are conscious of these objectives and are given every assistance in meeting them.


We work with our suppliers and customers to use materials and produce that conserve resources.


Contracts are only awarded to licensed waste contractors for the disposal of waste paper, ink and plates.


We actively promote the use of chlorine free paper where we have the option to do so.


We have reduced the usage of chemicals in the printing process to a minimum level.

Clifford press are the most flexible trade printer we have used... great quality & always go the extra mile.

David Brady - Silver Fox Studio Company Director

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